LERenováveis (in English READ Renewables) is an online database of simple, universal and free access, that gathers renewable energy publications about Portuguese-speaking countries and regions where they belong.

This was an initiative of ALER – Lusophone Renewable Energy Association which AMER – Mozambican Renewable Energy Association joined and recently MWE- Mozambique Women of Energy, it is expected that other partners will join in the future.

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Resumo: Renováveis em Moçambique 2023
Author(s): ALER; AMER
Published in: November 2023
Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach for Optimum Site Selection for Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Microgrids in Mozambique
Author(s): José Eduardo Tafula; Constantino Dário Justo; Pedro Moura; Jérôme Mendes; Ana Soares
Published in: March 2023
Mozambique’s off-grid energy regulation: Opportunities and challenges for the uptake of community energy projects
Author(s): CESET
Published in: February 2023
Resumo: Renováveis em Moçambique 2022
Author(s): ALER; AMER
Published in: December 2022
Lei da Electricidade n.º12/2022
Author(s): República de Moçambique
Published in: July 2022
Regulatory Review of the Electricity Market in Mozambique: Towards Crowding-in Private Sector Investment
Author(s): United Nations Economic Comission for Africa
Published in: April 2022